10 DIY Scarf ideas - these are really cute!

The holidays may be winding down, but if you live in the northern hemisphere that doesn’t mean the end of chilly days for at least another couple of months. Stay warm and cozy in one of these no-knit scarves that don’t require any knitting or crochet skills at all.

  1. Scrappy Happy Scarves – These cute scarves with super fun fringe are a great stash-busting tutorial!
  2. Sweater Sleeve Cowl – So many sweater crafts leave the sleeves behind. Keep them around to make these simple, comfy cowls/
  3. Discarded T-Shirt Scarf – Piece some old tees together for a cozy scarf.
  4. Ascot Scarf – This Anthropologie-inspired tutorial is a perfect way to reuse an old sweater.
  5. Jacket-Arm Scarf – This is sort of a masculine take on the sweater sleeve cowl above. Turn the arms of some thrifted sports coats into a cozy scarf for the man in your life (or for yourself!).

    No-Knit Scarves

  6. Flower Scarf – I love the texture of this beautiful scarf!
  7. Pom Pom T-Shirt Scarf – This is actually two tutorials in one! You can make the basic version in five minutes or add the poms if you have a little more time on your hands.
  8. Pleated Knit Scarf – This gathered scarf looks oh-so-cozy.
  9. Braided Scarf – Do you like t-shirt scarves but need a little extra warmth? This braided version layers things up beautifully!
  10. Ruffled Scarf – This is another Anthro-inspired scarf that’s a lot of fun. Check out all of that beautiful ruching!

How are you keeping warm this winter? Tell us about your coziest DIY accessories in the comments!