Recycled Valentines Day WreathsNeed a Valentine’s Day wreath to decorate your front door? These beautiful wreaths use recycled material to save a little money without sacrificing even an ounce of cuteness.

  1. Cardboard and Book Page Wreath – Instead of a store-bought styrofoam wreath form, this project uses free reclaimed cardboard as the base and an old book from your stash for embellishments.
  2. Paper Curls Wreath – Raid that stack of scrapbook paper to make this cheerful little wreath!
  3. Rag Wreath – Are you a fabric scrap hoarder like I am? Bust that stash and make a sweet Valentine’s Day wreath.
  4. Sweater Wreath – Have you been saving some thrift store sweaters for just the right project? Grab one of last summer’s pool noodles, and you’re halfway to a cute wreath.
  5. Clothespin Wreath Dig into your stash of clothespins to make a cute little wreath with a wire hanger base.
  6. Picture Frame Wreath – I love this project, because it’s sort of more the idea of a wreath! Any frame you have will do. If yours is on the plainer side, add more embellishments to sass it up.
  7. Converted Christmas Wreath – Dust off the wreath that you made over the holidays and add a little sweetness to make it Valentine’s Day-appropriate.
  8. Felt Rose Wreath – This project uses reclaimed plastic bags and an insulation tube to make the wreath form. You can buy felt yardage like she suggests or use fabric scraps to make your roses.
  9. Paper Heart Wreath – This is another great stash-buster for your scrapbook paper. Make sturdy, 3D hearts!
  10. Heart-Shaped Rag Wreath – This is a sweet take on the rag wreath idea with a homemade, heart-shaped wreath form. I think that I’d use more fabric scraps to give the heart a fuller look, but what you decide to do really depends on your aesthetic.

Have you made a wreath for Valentine’s Day this year? I’d love to see what you’re working on! Feel free to share your links in the comments.