6 crafty ideas to share! from dollarstorecrafts.com

Happy Thurs-DIY! Today I have six cute crafts from a bunch of my crafty BFFs to share with you. I hope you share them with your friends too! Let’s all get crafty this weekend!

1. Valentine Paper Mache Lanterns from Crafty Chica – at Spoonful

Valentine paper mache heart craft by CraftyChica.com

Kathy, Crafty Chica, made beautiful paper mache lanterns. These look like a lot of fun to customize, for crafters of all ages!

2. Embellished Coffee Pod Holder from Cathie & Steve

Make your coffee pod holder cute! with Cathie & Steve and Mod Podge

Cathie and Steve help make your morning coffee a little cuter with this embellished coffee pod holder.

3. Ribbon Zipper Bag by Mark Montano

Ribbon Pouch Craft by MarkMontano.com

Next, the King of Dollar Store Crafts, Mark Montano shows you how to make a Ribbon Zipper Bag.

4. Deco Tape Tags by JaderBomb

Deco Tape Craft by Jaderbomb.com

This one is quick, easy, and cheap: JaderBomb makes tags with Deco Tape.

5. Tie Dye Glitter Necklace by Margot Potter

Glitter Tie Dye necklace craft by Margot Potter

The Fabulous Madge, Margot Potter, created a show-stopping tie dye glitter necklace at the iLoveToCreate blog.

6. Sparkly Valentine Platter at Dollar Store Crafts!

dollar stre valentine candy dish

Finally, don’t forget to check out our guest blogger Debbie from DebbieDoos and her simple Valentines Day platter DIY using stuff from the dollar store.