4 No-Sew scarf embellishment ideas using dollar store scarves

Dollar store scarves are inexpensive, but maybe a little ho-hum. This week I got my craft on and came up with four ideas for no-sew embellishments, taking these dollar store scarves from boring to bravo! You can see my project over at the very inspiring kids’ craft blog at the Kix Cereal site: [4 no-sew scarf embellishment ideas]

Project Materials:

  • Dollar store scarf, $1
  • Dollar store embellishments, $1 and up
  • Fabric glue, on hand or $5
  • Other supplies (depending on project)

Total: $2 and up

No Sew scarf idea - dollar store rhinestones

Here’s one of the scarves – I used rhinestone tape from Michaels’ dollar bins. Very quick and easy!