Dollar Store Wedding Ideas

Planning a wedding can be expensive. Actually “expensive” feels like I’m understating things a little bit. The average wedding ends up costing more than $28,000! That is for a one-day event, y’all. Sure, it’s an important event, but holy moly, that is a whopper of a price tag! Hopefully these crafty ideas can help you save some cash and add some handmade touches to your big day!

1. Tissue Paper Hydrangeas – Skip the expensive cut flowers and make your own paper flowers instead!

2. Crocheted Bouquet – Another cut flower alternative. I love the look of this yarn bouquet.

3. Framed Table Numbers – Use thrift store frames to create a set of eclectic table numbers instead of using professionally-printed cards or store-bought numbers.

4.  Tin Can Lanterns – Light up an outdoor wedding with recycled tin can lanterns.

5. Chalkboard Program – Instead of printing and handing out individual programs, use chalkboard paint on a framed thrift store painting, then use chalk to write out the program. Plus, you can keep the chalkboard when the wedding is over!

6. Twine-Wrapped Mason Jars – Instead of expensive vases, use reclaimed glass jars to make pretty centerpieces on the cheap.

7. Fabric Scrap Banner – Bust your stash and create pretty bunting to decorate your wedding space, whether it’s indoors or out.

8. Upcycled Wedding Gown – If you’re sewing-inclined, you can even make your own wedding dress from a frumpy vintage one. The dress is often a huge expense, so making or altering your own will save you a bundle.

9. Ribbon Chair Decorations – Don’t rent pricey chair covers! Use strips of fabric or ribbon to make your chairs pop on the cheap.

10. Button Bouquet – Another alternative to an expensive bouquet! Grab your vintage buttons and make a pretty forever bouquet instead.