handmade valentine cards

Winter can be a long and lonely time of year, especially for older folks who have a harder time getting around.  In many parts of the country this has been a particularly cold and snowy winter, leaving even more elderly members of our communities homebound and isolated.  To help lift the spirits of these people, DoSomething.org has partnered with Meals on Wheels for a campaign they are calling Love Letters.  This campaign urges teens to reach out by creating handmade Valentine’s Day cards, which Meals on Wheels has agreed to hand out along with their regular food deliveries,.  We think this is an excellent idea, so we are reaching out to you, our awesome DSC readers, and asking you to help out in any way you can.  Whether it be creating cards with a church or scout group or even just helping to spread the word, anything you can do it greatly appreciated!  [learn more about the Love Letters campaign at DoSomething.org]

Want to participate yourself?  Here are five handmade Valentine’s Day card ideas to get you started!

Pixelated Heart Pop Up Card

[Pop-Up Pixelated Heart Card by Mini Eco]

Stenciled Heart Card

[Stenciled Heart Card by Art with Kids]

Seed Bead Love Card

[Seed Bead Love Card by Katrinshine]

Origami Heart Cards

[Origami Heart Cards by Omiyage Blogs]

Mouse Valentine Card

[Mouse Valentine Card by 7 on a Shoestring]