DIY Retro PacMan Blanket
I love to make gifts for people I care about, and baby presents top my list of favorite things to make.  I’m so excited that Heather is joining the crazy, fun “mom of 4” club and, of course, wanted to make something unique for her new addition.  I was browsing Heather’s Pinterest boards and saw an adorable DIY Pacman mobile she had pinned.  That’s when I was inspired to take the design and turn it into something she will hopefully get to use often:  a PacMan baby blanket!

DIY PacMan Blankie

Project estimate:

  • Blanket, $1
  • Wash clothes, $1 for pack of 4 (I used 2 packs)
  • Fusible Web (like Wonder Under), on hand or $2 and up
  • Iron, on hand
  • Black paint, on hand

Total:  $3 and up


Step one:  Iron the fusible web onto the back of the wash clothes.


Step two:  Use a template to trace the ghosts, PacMan, eyes, and circles on the paper part of the fusible web.

step 4

Step three:  Cut out all the pieces, remove the paper backing, and arrange on the blanket.

Step four:  Once you’ve arranged the pieces, iron them on.

step 5

Step five:  Use paint to make eyes on the ghosts.

If this blanket will get handled and washed quite a bit, you’ll probably want to stitch around the edges of the appliques to reinforce them.  I think this would make an adorable photo prop, or just a fun play mat for baby to lounge on in style, like my hip nephew Marcel is doing here.

DIY PacMan blanket