10 Cute Homemade Picture Frames

We just celebrated my son’s first birthday, and of course we took approximately 1000 photos over the birthday weekend. I had a few frames stashed away for new photos, but I’m going to save some extra special pictures to put into handmade or hand-decorated frames. These are some of the homemade picture frame ideas that I’m eying.

1. Scrap Wood Photo Blocks – Are you unable to part with small pieces of wood left over from other projects? Turn them into sweet picture frames!

2. Yarn-Wrapped Frames – Add a little bit of dimension to an old picture frame by raiding your yarn stash.

3. Thrifted Frame Photo Display – Head to the thrift store for an oversized picture frame, then use it as a display for lots of smaller photos strung up on twine.

4. Cardboard Picture Frames – What do you call those standy-uppy photo frames that hold two pictures? Make one of those! Out of cardboard!

5. Bottle Cap Picture Frame – Jazz up an old picture frame with painted bottle caps.

6. Stenciled Wood Frames – This is another take on the scrap wood picture frame. This uses stencils for a fresh, modern look.

7. Double Frame – This is perfect for filling a large space. The photo is the focal point, but you can incorporate colors or even patterns from your room’s decor into this frame design. So clever!

8. Stacked Frames – This has a similar look to the double frame, but the technique is a little bit different. You can choose the one that works best with the supplies you have handy and the space you’re looking to fill.

9. Moss Picture Frames – Bring a little green into your house with these earthy frames.

10. Recycled Magazine Frame – This tutorial calls for old magazines, but you could also use junk mail catalogues to make these cool picture frames!