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burlap and mesh ribbon spring wreath tutorial

After what was the most brutal winter in memory, I am so totally ready for green grass and flowers! So when the folks at Dollar General started putting the spring-y merchandise on the shelf I swooped down on it, hunting for a good way to add a little bit of seasonal color to my decor. I found some mesh ribbon that reminded me of burlap, and one thing led to another… And I ended up making a fabulous wreath!

Project estimate:

  • Wreath form, on hand or $1 and up
  • Burlap, on hand or $1 and up
  • Mesh ribbon, $1.50/roll ($4.50 for 3 colors)
  • String, on hand
  • Felt bunny stake, $1
  • Hot glue, on hand

Total: $5.50 and up

spring and Easter merchandise at Dollar General

The selection at Dollar General for spring and Easter was full of so much adorable stuff that my cute meter was almost on overload. It was hard not to buy one of everything!

spring wreath supplies

What I did end up with was a selection of mesh ribbon and a felt bunny stake. The mesh ribbon reminded me a bit of burlap, which I already had a stash of at home, so by the time I'd reached the checkout line I'd decided that incorporating the burlap into my project was a must.

burlap spring wreath tutorial

Start by cutting the burlap into long strips about 3 inches wide and wrap them around a wreath form (I used a foam wreath form) and secure the ends of the strips with hot glue. I found that I needed two layers of burlap to cover the wreath form enough that the foam didn't show through. Don't worry too much about any stray, fringe-y bits that stick out – you can go back and trim them later, and the ones on the first layer won't be visible under the second layer anyway!

burlap spring wreath tutorial

I happened to have some green burlap on hand as well, so I used that for my second layer. Of course, you can also use plain burlap for both layers if you don't have any colored burlap on hand. Or if you're feeling extra crafty, you could use fabric dye to make the burlap any color you like! The green burlap that I used came with a finished edge so I din't need to trim any stray threads; if you have any ragged bits of burlap sticking out, give them a quick trim before moving on.

mesh ribbon flowers

I embellished the wreath with flowers made from the mesh ribbon. To make a flower, weave a piece of string along one edge of the mesh ribbon; pull the string tight to gather the ribbon. The amount of ribbon you need will vary depending on how full you want the finished flower to be; I used about 6 feet of ribbon to make each of mine.

mesh ribbon flowers

Once you have finished gathering one edge of the ribbon, make a spiral with the gathered edge, stitching it into place as you go to hold the spiral together. Tie off the string and trim away any excess. Repeat until you have the desired number of flowers.

burlap and mesh ribbon spring wreath

Hot glue your flowers to the wreath. Cut the wooden stake off of the felt bunny and glue it to the wreath as well. Then hang and enjoy your handiwork!

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