DIY Wall Art

I think a lot of us budget crafters have the same issue:  champagne tastes but beer budgets.  I like to admire high end decor catalogs, and I love the metal wall art that seems to be all the rage.  When I saw the pretty metal trellises that are available at Dollar Tree right now, they reminded me of some of the metal wall art I had been admiring.  I realized that I could make my own version of these pricy products, for very little!


Project estimate:

  • Garden metal trellis, $4 ($1 each, I used 4)
  • Craft wire, on hand
  • Aluminum roll, on hand
  • Stencil, on hand
  • Glue, on hand

Total:  $4

step 1

Step one:  Arrange the four metal trellis’ so the legs overlap, as pictured.  Wrap wire at each corner to hold the base together.

step 2

(Confession time:  I really wanted to put a mirror in the center.  That was my original plan.  Unfortunately, the mirror I had purchased was too small!  I needed a 9 inch square mirror and struck out trying to find one.  So I improvised, and I think it worked out.  But if you have a mirror that will fit, I think that would look amazing!)

dry emboss

Step two:  Use a stencil to make a pattern on the aluminum.  I used this type that’s made for crafting, but you could achieve a similar result with heavy duty aluminum foil.  For best results, place craft foam under the aluminum, and use a stylus for embossing.


Step three:  Fold the edges of the aluminum back and hot glue the foil piece to the square center of the piece.

Close Up

You could paint the aluminum to give it more texture or make it brighter.  It would look good with a monogram in the center instead of a design, too.  There are tons of ways to customize this piece to suit your style.  All that’s left to do is to decide where to hang it!

DIY Dollar Store Wall Art