10 DIY Journals in All Shapes and Sizes

Don’t you just love a journal? There’s something about a blank book that’s just plain inspiring. And a journal that you made yourself? That’s perfection. We all use our journals in different ways, so the list below includes an array of sizes, from purse-stashable mini journals to full sized dealies to stick on the shelf or your bedside table.

1. Fabric Journals – Choose stash or thrift store fabric to do this project on the cheap.

2. Cereal Box Journals – Don’t toss those old cereal boxes! Turn them into cute journals that you or your kids will love.

3. Upcycled Books – Turn an old hardcover book into a beautiful notebook.

4. Junk Mail Notepad – Turn your junk mail into a miniature journal, perfect for stashing in your purse.

5. Basic Journal – You can use cardstock like the tutorial calls for or choose light cardboard from your recycle bin, like a cereal box.

6. Embroidered Notebook – Turn a plain, cheap paper moleskin into a personalized treasure with a little bit of embroidery work.

7. Peek-a-Boo Journals – I love these colorful journals with cutout covers and cheerful images that peek through!

8. Kitchen Journal – Keep track of your favorite recipes, and let your kids include theirs, too! This is a great stash-buster, and the finished product is super cute.

9. Chalkboard Journals – These journals have chalkboard colors and use chalk ink to make removable cover designs. So clever!

10. Art Journal – This is another recycled book journal, and I love her on-the-fly process!