10 Crafts for Earth Month

You know that Earth Day is coming up in a few weeks, but did you know that all of April is Earth Month? Of course, we should protect the planet all year round, but in April we get a kick in the pants to refocus our efforts and spread the recycling, upcycling love with our crafts. Not only is crafting with recycled materials good for the Earth, it’s good for your wallet. Win-win!

1. Continuous T-Shirt Yarn – T-shirt yarn is nothing new, but this method uses reclaimed t-shirts to make one continuous spool of yarn with no breaks!

2. Make Encaustic Art from Old Crayons – Don’t throw away those old broken crayon pieces that are too small for drawing. Melt them down to make beautiful encaustic art with your kids! Recycling with FIRE!

3. DIY Nail Polish Bud Vases – Instead of tossing empty nail polish containers into the recycle bin, use them to make super cute little bud vases.

4. Paper Tube Rockets – I used toilet paper tubes to make these mini rockets. If that has too much ick factor, though, you can also use paper towel tubes!

5. Sweater Legwarmers – A lot of sweater crafts leave the sleeves behind. This one uses those handy tubes of fabric to make cozy legwarmers.

6. Upcycled Craft Box Organizer  – This is another paper tube craft that would work with toilet paper or paper towel tubes.

7. Junk Mail Gift Tags – Junk mail is annoying. Before you recycle all of that junk, fish out any security envelopes and turn them into cute gift tags.

8. T-Shirt Yoga Pants – Turn thrift store t-shits into wearable yoga pants!

9. Soda Can Garden Markers – Cut up an old soda can to label the rows in your spring garden.

10. Layered T-Shirt Scarf – There are a million tutorials out there for t-shirt scarves, and I love the unique look of this layered take on the classic upcycled tee project.