diy stamped fabric gifts

Mother’s Day is coming up, and I bet the special women in your life would love a hand made gift!  Inspired by Anthropologie, these stamped fabric gifts are quick to make and easy to customize for the recipient.  (And why not make a few for yourself to keep, too?)

diy stamped towel

If you’ve tried painting on fabric before, you know that paint tends to leave either a slick or scratchy feel to the finished product.  That’s why I’ve never tried to put paint on towels or cloth napkins…who wants to feel that when you’re trying to clean up?  This fabric paint is different, and, like the name says, really is soft.  I wish you could reach through your monitor and touch it.  It’s unbelievable soft and you can’t even feel the paint at all!  I think the finished project looks professional, thanks to rubber stamps and the special paint finish.

stamped towel gift

Project estimate:

  • Towel or cloth napkin, $1 and up
  • SoSoft fabric paint, $1.86
  • Rubber stamps, on hand
  • Foam spouncer, on hand

Total:  $2.86 and up


Step one:  Place the fabric on a smooth, hard surface.  Iron before stamping if needed.

step 1

Step two:  Use the spouncer to apply paint evenly to the stamp.

step 2

Step three:  Press the image onto the fabric.  It might be a good idea to practice a few times on scrap fabric to get the feel for how much pressure to put on the stamp and how much paint to use.

step 3

Step four:  Reapply paint to the stamp with the spouncer, and repeat as desired.

stamped towel diy

Let dry, then it’s ready to use.  The paints dry very quickly, and they don’t require heat to set.  No ironing…yay!

diy stamped napkin

I worried that detailed stamps might not work with the fabric paint, but I think they produced better results than the simpler stamps.  I’m crazy about these pretty birds!  Doesn’t it make a lovely pattern? And I was able to make towels and napkins that coordinate beautifully!  The SoSoft Paint is perfect for wearable projects, too, like these socks that I painted.  They’d be great for baby items, like bibs, since there will be no scratchy, flaky paint to worry about.  Have fun crafting and creating!

stamped napkin diy