Tea Cup Favor DIY

I was perusing the Dollar Store Crafts Pinterest board to find fun crafts to try, and a certain pin caught my eye.  DSC had featured this adorable project several years ago, and I knew I wanted to make them myself.  I put my own spin on it and changed a few things to make own version of an Easter egg tea cup.  I know you have a ton of those plastic Easter eggs around your house, don’t you?  For this project you’ll just use the larger half of the plastic egg.

easter egg cup

Project estimate:

  • Plastic Easter eggs, on hand
  • Paper clips ,on hand
  • Wood doll pin stands, $1 and up
  • Paint, on hand
  • Hot glue gun, on hand
Total:  $1 and up
Step one:  Paint designs on the plastic eggs.  I used the end of my paint brush to make polka dots.  On one of them I painted tiny hearts.  You could paint stripes, check marks, etc.
step 1
Step two:  Paint the doll pin stands.
paper clips
Step three:  Pull the ends of the paper clip apart to make a “v” shape.
Step four:  Use a hot glue gun to adhere the egg to the base and to add the cup handle.
tea cup favors
You can fill the cups with treats to make cute party favors.  They would look fun as table decor for a party, too!  If a child is going to play with them, you will probably want to superglue the paper clip handle on for added durability.  Have fun crafting and creating!
plastic egg cup
P.S.  Hold on to the other part of the plastic egg!  I’m putting together a project to use those, too!
easter egg tea cups