dollar tree hanging lights

Spring is one of my favorite times to shop at Dollar Tree.  I’m always amazed at the outdoor items they offer!  I like to make my backyard inviting since my family tries to spend as much time as possible outdoors before the weather gets too hot.  When I saw these adorable battery operated lanterns, I knew I wanted them to add some fun decor (and light) to a trail in my yard.  Here’s how I made hanging outdoor lanterns for cheap!

DIY outdoor lanterns

Project estimate:

Total:  $2 per light 

Step one:  Use a ruler to mark one centimeter intervals on the top of the lantern.  Draw lines to complete the grid.
step 1step 2
Step two:  Use the silver metallic Sharpie to color in every other square.  This will give the lantern a hip, checkerboard pattern.
step 3
Step four:  Place the plant hangers in a row and hang the lanterns on them.
decorated lantern diy

I like this so much that I’m heading back to Dollar Tree this week to buy more!  My little path needs more light.  These lanterns would be a great way to light the sidewalk to your door, or to provide a little light in your landscaping.  You could even attach the plant hangers to a tree or to your fence for lighting.  Wouldn’t these look great at an outdoor party or reception?  How would you use these hanging lanterns?

DIY Hanging lanterns