diy chicken wire cloche

Raise your hand if this winter made you feel like a bird trapped in a cage!  Where is spring?  I captured a bit of spring in this shabby chic cloche that I made.  Using a candle stick and candle holder from Dollar Tree, along with some chicken wire scrap, I was inexpensively put together this pretty little cloche.

Chicken Wire Cloche DIY

Project estimate:

  • Candlestick, $1
  • Candle holder dish, $1
  • Chicken wire, on hand or about $5 and up
  • E-6000, on hand
  • Bird’s nest, $1
  • Table scatter gem, on hand or $1

Total: $3 and up

Step one:  Glue the dish to the candlestick.

Step two:  Measure the chicken wire to fit on the dish.  Cut it and twist the ends to make a tube.

step  2

Step three:  Pinch the wire tube to make the desired size for the cloche.  It’s easier to use pliers to twist it together.  Cut off the excess.

last step

Step four:  Glue or wire a gem onto the pinched end to use as a handle.  I hid the twisted wire with a piece of ribbon.

DIY Cloche

Step five:  Place the bird’s nest on the dish and decorate with a battery operated candle, eggs, etc.

I found the bird’s nest at Dollar Tree, and they also had some mini feathered bird figures that would look cute in the cloche.  You could simply put a candle inside, a photo, a cup cake that you don’t want anyone to touch….the choice is yours!  Have fun crafting and creating!

DollarCloche DIY