knotted bracelet

Happy Earth Day!  While today is a day to focus on our environment and how we can improve it,  I think a lot of us budget crafters are environmentally conscious everyday.  Dollar Store Crafts regularly features ideas for ways to turn unwanted items into something functional, and this project is no exception!

DIY bracelet

To make these knotted bracelets, I used my children’s old clothing.  I always donate my kid’s clothes to charity, but some items, like these leggings and jeans, were so ripped and worn that there was no way to salvage them.  Rather than tossing them, I cut them up to make some pretty accessories for spring and summer!

denim bracelet diy

Project estimate:

  • Worn clothes, on hand
  • Needle and thread, on hand
  • (Optional) Kumihimo findings, $2

Total:  Free to $2

fabric strips
Step one:  Cut the fabric into 1/2 inch strips.  You will need 4 strips per bracelet.  The length will vary based on how large or small you want your bracelet to be.  Pull the strips so that they begin to curl or fray as desired.

Know Instructions

Step two:  Put two strips together and make a loop as pictured in box 1 of the photo instructions.  Continue as shown in the image.


Step three:  Pull the ends gently to make the “knot”.


Step six:  Join the ends in your hand.  Cut a piece of fabric and wrap it around the ends.  Sew it in place to hold the bracelet.

The cotton fabric bracelet is very stretchy, so I can easily pull it on and off.  The denim fabric does not have as much “give”, so I had to use clasps.

denim bracelet

I crimped the findings on the ends of the denim, and added the clasps with jump rings.


Aren’t they pretty?  Think of all the fun color and pattern combinations you could make!  This would be a fun way to keep a favorite shirt or blanket close, or even a great way to remember someone who is no longer with you by using their clothing.  Even if the material doesn’t have special meaning, it’s still a great way to recycle and get your craft on!


Earth Day Bracelet