No-Sew T-shirt pillow project - dollar store crafts

This week we are bringing you a fun no-sew stenciled pillow tutorial, courtesy of Tulip and their fine stencils and fabric paints, part of the Tulip For Your Home line. Do you have an old t-shirt that you no longer wear? Or maybe you found a stash of colorful t-shirts at the dollar store (I love it when that happens) and you want to create a cute home decor accent. Well, look no further! We’ll teach you how to make a cute stenciled t-shirt pillow – no sewing required!

But first, check out the gorgeous pillow cover we made using Tulip’s NEW Tulip For Your Home goodies — a line of home décor stencils and paints (including large scale stencils and contemporary home decor color paints)!

Leopard & Lips Stenciled Pillow

Dollar store crafts' pretty retro leopard stenciled pillow

I love the unexpected color combination that makes this leopard print très chic! Check out the paint color palette we used, as well as the cool stencils we received:

Tulip project inspiration stencils

I’m loving the copper paint on the blue-grey pillow cover! By the way, the pillow covers are part of the Tulip For Your Home program, so you’ll be able to find them right with the stencils & paint at your local craft store. The stencils are designed to coordinate, and come in different sizes so you can layer them over each other.

Once we made this pillow cover, we couldn’t wait to get busy and do a second project! This is where we show you how to make the no-sew stenciled t-shirt pillow!

No-Sew Stenciled Owl T-shirt Pillow Tutorial

Are you afraid of sewing? Look no further than this cute and easy no-sew pillow project. This is a great tween craft!

No-sew stenciled tshirt pillow tutorial - great tween craft from dollar store crafts!

Project Materials:

  • 1 T-shirt (the larger, the better)
  • 8″ Owl Stencil from Tulip For Your Home
  • Blue Tulip Soft Fabric Paint
  • Tulip Paint Roller
  • An old pillow
  • Freezer Paper
  • Iron

How To Make It:

Stencil your t-shirt with an Owl stencil from Tulip

1. Stencil Your T-shirt:

Prepare your t-shirt by ironing freezer paper to the inside of the t-shirt. (Put the freezer paper plastic side down, and iron on the paper side until freezer paper is stuck to the t-shirt). Turn shirt right-side out (freezer paper will be on the inside).

Spray Tulip Stencil Spray Adhesive lightly on the back of the owl stencil. Place stencil on t-shirt and press in place .

Apply Tulip Soft Fabric Paint to stencil with the Tulip Paint Roller. Remove the stencil to reveal the owl design. Let paint dry up to 1 hour. Clean stencil immediately.

2. Trim and Tie T-shirt

Trim and Tie T-shirt to create a no-sew pillow

Cut t-shirt just below armpits, and cut off waistband hem. Cut sides of t-shirt off.

Cut 2″ notches in the sides of the t-shirt squares, about 1″ apart. Cut a notch in at the corner of the square.

Tie top and bottom t-shirts together to create the pillow without sewing!

Leave a few ties untied and stuff pillow with stuffing (we used the stuffing from an old misshapen pillow we had on hand).

When the pillow is stuffed, tie the last ties until it’s all closed up.

DIY No-sew t-shirt pillow - great tween craft and great way to recycle your old tshirts!

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