10 DIY Lighting Ideas

I love how updating the lighting in a room can make a space feel so different. The right lamp or pendant light in just the right spot adds drama and changes the whole mood of a room. Of course, you can pick up lamps at the store that suit your needs. Or you can make your own DIY lighting solutions to save some cash and create a lighting piece that no one but you will have.

1. Wine Bottle Lamp – Kiri at I Like That Lamp shares a sweet tutorial for turning an old wine bottle into a lamp with a custom shade you make yourself.

2. Chalkboard Light Fixture – Turn a boring old light fixture into something write-onable with this tutorial from Revolutionaires.

3. Mason Jar Hanging Lantern – This simple DIY lighting tutorial from A Beach Cottage requires no power tools!

4. Applesauce Jar Pendant Light – Update a fussy light fixture with a reclaimed glass jar. The tutorial from His & Hers uses an applesauce jar, but any glass jar from the recycle bin would work well.

5. Revamped Vintage Chandelier – Another simple lighting update: Bonnie at Crafting a Green World used spray paint to give a boring light fixture a makeover.

6. Teapot Lamp – Vintage Revivals shares an Anthro-inspired tutorial for turning a vintage teapot into a cute table lamp.

7. Cheese Grater Lamp – The cheese grater lamp that Ikea Hackers shares uses a grater from – you guessed it! – Ikea. But you could just as easily find one on the cheap at the thrift store or for free in your kitchen cabinet.

8. Lego Lamp – Beckie at Infarrantly Creative used her son’s Legos to turn a boring lamp base into something super cute.

9. Updated Owl Lamp – This is another simple makeover from Revolutionaries using spray paint to turn a dated vintage lamp into a sleek, modern piece.

10. Silverware Lamp Shade – Is it time to update the silverware in your drawer? Turn your old set of forks, knives, and spoons into a cute lamp share with this tute from Four Corners Design.