10 Vertical Craft Storage Ideas

Whether you have a craft room, a craft closet, or a craft table tucked into a corner, craft storage can be tricky. My craft room doubles (triples?) as my office and our guest room, and I seem to be constantly outgrowing my drawer and shelf space. Does that sound familiar to you?  Finding some crafty ways to store supplies vertically can help maximize space without having to give up precious craft supplies.

1. Picture Frame – Turn a picture frame into hanging wall storage for small supplies like markers, pens, and pencils.

2. Display Your Thread – Instead of stashing thread in a bin or table top holder, get it off of those precious surfaces with a hanging holder made from an old picture frame.

3. Recycled Cardboard – Recycled cardboard is free, and you can make storage spaces for supplies of all shapes and sizes! If you don’t have any boxes around, hit your local package store. They usually have stacks of empty cardboard boxes that you can snag.

4. Necktie Scissor Holder – Never lose your fabric shears again! Turn an old necktie into a scissor holder that you can hang up right next to wherever you do your cutting.

5. Tension Rod Ribbon or Washi Tape Storage – Create vertical storage for anything on a spool with a tension rod. You can hang it up in a closet, inside a bookshelf, or even between the legs of your desk.

6. Letter Sorters for Fabric – Keep your fabric stash neat and visible by going vertical. Hanging letter sorters force you to fold your fabric and put it away when you’re done using it. This would also work for storing and organizing your cardstock stash.

7. Good Old Pegboard – Got some pegboard lying around? Pick up a cheap pack of hooks and use it to store all kinds of craft supplies.

8. Hanging Wall Baskets – This idea is intended for the kitchen but would also be a great way to organize your craft supplies! The chalkboard wall behind the baskets gives you flexibility to label and re-label what goes where.

9. Utilize Your Doors – The back of any door is an often-untapped place to stick some more vertical storage.

10. Tin Can Wall Storage – Organize your yarn stash on the wall in old coffee cans.