Chalkboard DIY

Who doesn’t love a chalkboard?  You can frame it, hang it, use it as a photo prop, create wall decor, make a sign…the options go on and on!  I decided to use four large crayon pencil banks from Dollar Tree to make a fun chalkboard for my kid’s art center.  It makes a fun piece of wall art, and doubles as a place for them to doodle.

Project estimate:

  • Crayon Banks (4), $4
  • Frame, $1
  • Chalkboard, $1
  • Paint, on hand
  • Glue gun, on hand

Total:  $6

part 1

Step one:  Remove the stickers from the banks and paint them.  To create an ombre effect, I painted the first bank Turquoise Blue and the last one white.  For the second crayon, I mixed 3 parts blue with 1 part white.  The third bank was 1 part blue mixed with 3 parts white paint.  To keep the paint from peeling off, seal it with a spray on sealant finish after they are dry.

Step two:  Paint the frame.  I mixed one part blue with one part white to maintain the ombre effect I wanted.

part 2

Step three:  Hot glue the 4 crayons together.  Glue the chalkboard to the frame, and glue that onto the banks.

DIY Chalkboard

You can hot glue ribbon to the back to hang your chalkboard.  Since school is almost out, I decided to use mine as a photo prop for now.  This would be a cute way to record first and last day of school memories.  You could also make a few of these as gifts for teachers.  They’d be really cute hanging out side a teacher’s room with the name and grade written on it.  How would you use your colorful crayon chalkboard?

ChalkBoard Photo Prop