make a dragonfly

The never ending winter has finally wrapped up, and I’m ready to head outside and do some gardening!  I love to put fun, unusual critters in my yard, like frogs doing headstands and turtles with bobbling heads.  I wanted to make something to add to this year’s decor, so I decided to try my hand at metal “art” (ha!)

I used an inexpensive whisk to create this pretty, sparkly dragonfly!  I found the whisk for just $1 at my local grocery store, but this would also be a way to recycle any old balloon whisks you have lying around.  No wire working experience needed for this project!  You’ll just need wire cutters and a tiny bit of muscle.

whisk dragonfly
Project estimate:

  • Metal balloon whisk, $1
  • Wire cutters, on hand
  • Faceted beads, on hand
  • Craft or jewelry wire, on hand

Total:  $1

step 1step 2

Step one:  Bend two loops out to each side to make the wings of the dragonfly.

step 3

Step two:  Use wire cutters to cut the loop that is left in the center.  Cut it so one piece is about 3-4 inches long.  Straighten the longer piece of wire and point it down to use as a stake.

step 4step 5

Step three:  Use pliers to bend the short piece of wire into a loop to attach the head to.  Thread craft wire through two large beads, and twist it onto the loop of large wire to hold the “eyes” in place.

DIY Whisk Dragonfly

I was tempted to spray paint my dragonfly, but in the end, I left it silver.  That’s always an option, though, if you want something more colorful.

dragonfly whisk

Use the stake to place your dragonfly in a potted plant, along a walkway, or anywhere else you like!  You could make the stake shorter to put the dragonfly on a styrofoam wreath form.  As for me, I can’t wait to make more of these and fill my garden with lots of buzzing dragonflies!