10 Awesome Sock Crafts

Now that it’s warm outside, are you cleaning out your dresser? Don’t toss those old pairs of socks with holes in the heel or toe! Sock monkeys have always been the go-to toy to make from old socks, but there are lots of super fun variations on that theme. Check out these cute alternative sock stuffies!

1. Elves – I am not sure if we are doing Elf on the Shelf with our son, but if so I like this version a lot more than store-bought1

2. Snakes – Brightly colored socks make cute stuffed snakes! You can keep these or gift a child in your life with these sweet stuffies.

3. Monsters – Are snakes not your thing? These sock monsters are a lot of fun and look cute lined up on a mantle.

4. Doughnuts – Got old baby socks? Turn them into play doughnuts for your little one!

5. Bunny – OK, so technically this is an Easter craft, but I say that bunnies are cute all year long!

6. Owls – Make a sweet owl family from some worn out socks.

7. Sock-topus – This no-sew tute is totally cute.

8. Plush Mobile – This sweet flock of sock birds would make a great baby shower gift.

9. Caterpillar and Butterfly – What a great kid gift this would make! It’s a caterpillar that you can turn into a butterfly!

10. Kitty Cat – What a sweet way to use a sock that’s lost its partner.