bracelet hardware DIY

I’ve noticed a lot of great looking jewelry being made with hardware.  I like the rugged, steampunk look of this unconventional jewelry, and wanted to give it a try.  I found several interesting building kits in the toy section at Dollar Tree, and they were full of interesting hardware.  I bought one of the kits (to build a dog?) and started playing with the pieces.


So far I have come up with four designs using materials from this single $1 box of hardware!  I’ll be sharing each project with you, so check back each week to learn how to make more jewelry from hardware.  Let’s get started with our first project:  a “rusty” metal bracelet.

Jewelry projects
Project estimate:

  • Toy kit, $1
  • Rhinestones, on hand
  • Jewelry or super glue, on hand
  • Embossing ink and powder, on hand or $4 and up
  • Jewelry chain, on hand
Total:  $1 and up

step 1
Step one:  Press an embossing ink pad on the metal piece, and sprinkle embossing powder on it.  (I used a distressed powder from Tim Holtz to create a rust effect.)  Gently shake off the excess powder.

step 2

Step two:  Use a heat tool to emboss the powder onto the metal.  Be careful not to touch the metal as it will be very hot.  Let it cool.

step 3

Step three:  Super glue three rhinestones onto the metal.

DIY Hardware bracelet

Step four:  Add a chain to make a bracelet.

I had wanted to make something more rugged for my boys to wear, but liked it so much that I added the bling and kept it for myself.  You could glue stones, or leave it as is, for a different look.  As I mentioned earlier, I have three more projects you can make from this one dollar store kit, so check back to see what I make next!

Hardware bracelet