Simple Watermelon Nail Art Tutorial

I love nail art.  But – and this is a really big but – I am generally not patient, coordinated, and artistic enough to pull off a nail art manicure on my own.  I recently saw a really cute video tutorial for watermelon nails and, while fairly basic compared to many other nail art tutorials I’ve seen, it still felt like it was a little beyond my skill level.  Taking that idea as inspiration, I decided to simplify the design down to more of a nail-art-for-dummies level.  I even managed to use my extremely clumsy left hand to paint this design on my own right hand – if it’s easy enough for me to have left-handed success, anyone can do it, I promise!

Project estimate:

  • Nail polish, on hand or $1 and up
  • Toothpick, on hand
  • Top coat, on hand or $1 and up

Total:  $1 and up

Watermelon nail polish colors

Colors I used:

  • Pink – Essie, Off the Shoulder
  • Green – LA Girl Color Pop, Peacock
  • Black – Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, Pat on the Black

simple watermelon manicure tutorial

Start by painting a base coat of color on your nails.  Paint your thumb and pinkie nails green, and paint the middle three nails pink.  Let your nails dry.

simple watermelon manicure

To add the seeds, make a drop of black nail polish on one of your pink nails.  Use the tip of a toothpick to “pull” one edge of the polish outward to a point, creating a seed-like shape.  Repeat on your other pink nails.  (I chose to leave an accent nail on one hand without a seed on it.)

simple watermelon manicure

After the seeds dry, apply a topcoat to seal them and make the design last longer.  I decided to give this matte topcoat a try and I love the effect it gives – try different topcoats for different finished looks!

simple watermelon manicure

I love how my nails turned out!