Which Drink are you? Funky Cookies 'n Creme Coffee

So I was in the coffee drive-thru the other day, and after I got my drink, I looked down at the receipt and realized I had just paid $5.25. For ONE DRINK. In an effort to save money this summer (while still staying caffeinated), I decided to start bringing my own cold coffee drinks from home. I went to the dollar store to look for a reusable to-go cup, and I found four different cups I liked.

Each cup is very different! I am obsessed with personality types, so I started to imagine what each beverage would say about its owner’s personality.

But before I get to the personality types, here’s my plan for saving money on iced coffee: One carton of International Delight Iced Coffee is less than $4, and contains eight 8-oz servings per container. That’s less than $.50 a serving!

Saving Money on Iced Coffee Project:

  • One reusable to-go cup from the dollar store, $1
  • A cup of International Delight Iced Coffee, less than $.50

Total cost: $1.50 (but you only have to buy a reusable cup once!)

Which refreshing coffee drink are you?

Which drink best describes you? I’ve paired a reusable to-go cup from the dollar store with four different flavors of International Delight Iced Coffee. Here’s how I imagined these drinks’ personalities:

Sophisticated Sweet Cream Latte

You are an elegant wine to-go cup filled with Cold Stone Sweet Cream Iced Coffee! You are mature, pulled together, and you have great manners. Your approach to life: smooth with a hint of sweetness.

Sporty Caramel Macchiato Light

You are a tall sports bottle filled with Caramel Macchiato Light Iced Coffee! You are energetic, disciplined, and aren’t afraid to work hard. You keep friendships light, yet you have a lot of depth.

Classic Iced Mocha

You are a reusable coffee house to-go cup filled with Mocha Iced Coffee! You are dependable, a loyal friend, and have great taste. You are an original and don’t jump on trends until they have proven to have staying power.

Funky Cookies ‘n Creme Coffee

You are a colorful mason jar mug (with a silly straw!) filled with Cookies ‘n Creme Iced Coffee! You are whimsical, creative, and always looking for the next party. You won’t settle for simple, when more is always more fun.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.