10 DIY Coasters Tutorials

Summer is all about cold beverages, and when you’ve got a frosty drink, you need a coaster. And, of course, you need that coaster to be cute. Cute and handmade. Now that’s a coaster worthy of the cocktail you’re sipping! Here are 10 DIY coasters to choose from!

1. Easy Fabric Coasters – Fabric coasters only use small squares of fabric. Did someone say stash-buster?

2. Tile Mosaic Coasters – Leftover tiles plus pretty broken glass in a rainbow of colors make beautiful coasters!

3. Map Coasters – Non-toxic Mod Podge seals those pretty vintage maps, so you can use them to create a nostalgic set of coasters.

4. Chalkboard Coasters  – Give an old set of coasters a new life with a coat of chalkboard paint and some stencils. These are holiday-themed, but you can use any stencils you like for your coasters.

5. Stamped Tiles – This will work best with a porous tile. If you’ve got something on hand that fits the bill, these coasters are very inexpensive to make.

6. Fallen Branch Coasters – You don’t need power tools to make these, but they do take some elbow grease. The result is well worth it, though!

7. Washi Tape Coasters – Combine coordinating spools of washi tape to make pretty covered coasters.

8. Fabric Coasters – Think of these as teeny, tiny rag rugs for holding your favorite cocktail.

9. Rope + Neon Coasters – The idea here is similar to the fabric coasters above, but the feel of the finished product is totally different.

10. Painted Lace – This page doesn’t have a written tutorial, but the image collage really says it all. Use lace as your stencil for vibrantly spray painted coasters.