Make a Miniature Leg Lamp

As someone who is obsessed with miniatures, I squealed a little bit when I first saw this tiny version of the classic leg lamp (as seen in “A Christmas Story”), which was created by Instructables user seamster.  Already amazed at the scale – it’s made from a Barbie leg – I then realized something else completely amazing – this one is even a working lamp!  Crazy, right?  If you’re up for it, the instructions show you how to add the electrical components – or you can skip that bit if you’re not comfortable with your wiring skills and go for one that’s just for show.  [how to make a miniature leg lamp]

Project estimate:

  • Fashion doll, on hand or $1
  • Fine-tip Sharpie, on hand or $1
  • Yellow paper, on hand
  • Lampshade template, free
  • Fringe trim, $1
  • Glue, on hand
  • Barbie shoe (or clay), on hand
  • Wooden circle, on hand or $1
  • Electrical components (optional), about $2 and up

Total: about $1 and up