Computer Keyboard Jewelry

Maybe you found an old keyboard at a yard sale or thrift shop.  Maybe you had to replace yours after an oops-I-spilled-my-coffee incident shorted it out.  Whatever the reason you have that extra, unused keyboard laying around, you’ll be glad you have it around to make this geektastic jewelry!  Valentina from le idee della Vale disassembled an old keyboard and turned the keys into charms that can in turn be used to spell out anything you like!  You can make lots of different statements with this idea, creating monograms, names, or even just random letters.  The tutorial is in Italian, but there is a handy translate option in the sidebar!  [how to make computer keyboard jewelry]

Project estimate:

  • Computer keyboard, on hand or about $5
  • Pliers, on hand
  • Nail, on hand
  • Candle, on hand
  • Jewelry findings, on hand or $1 and up

Total:  Free and up!