emergency candy

I’m a big fan of Margot Potter’s creative work, and she recently published a tutorial for an adorable candy vial necklace charm.  I thought the idea was so cute that I wanted to make my own version.  Rather than a wearable piece, I designed mine to be a cute little gift, or even a party favor.

candy gift
Project estimate:
  • Colored Glass Bottle, 2 for $1.77
  • Non pareils, on hand or $1 and up
  • Address Llabels, on hand
  • Washi tape, on hand
  • Miniature tools, $2 for multi-pack
Total:  $5 to make 3 bottles
Step one:  Fill the bottle with non-pareils.  I made a small paper funnel to make it easier.
step 1
Step two:  Use your word processor to design labels to stick on the bottle.  You can personalize the message as you like (such as, “Morena’s lost marbles”).  I went with “Break in Case of Emergency.”
Step three:  Trim the label to fit the bottle.  I decorated with a strip of washi tape, then added the label.
candy favors diy
Step four:  Use a bit of twine to add the miniature hammer to the bottle.
gag gift diy
I think it would be hilarious to leave one of these bottles on a co-worker’s desk on their birthday.  They’d also make fun favors for a party, or a good gag type gift.  And, yes, in case of emergency, definitely open and enjoy!
party favors