world's cutest locker with lockerlookz - premade to fit your locker and all reusable, magnetic and non-damaging

When I was in middle school, polka dots and leggings were in, along with neon colors. Yep, you guessed it, I was a kid at the end of the 80s, beginning of the 90s! Some of the things I thought were cool back then are cool again now.  One thing that I only WISH I had back then was this cool locker decorating system, LLZ by LockerLookz. I grabbed one of my 8th grade friends (and my son, who insisted on decorating a locker too!), and we got busy creating our dream locker.

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What is LLZ? It’s a set of coordinating locker decorations that are fully removable and non-damaging. Every part of the system can be put into a locker using clever magnet action!

Where can I get LLZ? Available with back-to-school stuff at Michaels, Staples, AC Moore, and Meijer!

What kinds of things are included in the LLZ line? So glad you asked!

Coordinating printed locker wallpaper that goes up with the help of strong magnets:

Using Lockerlookz - installing paper with magnets

2. The World’s Cutest Magnetic Chandeliers

And they light up and have motion-detection so they turn off when your locker isn’t in use.

Cute magnetic chandelier for your locker - LLZ by Lockerlookz

The crystal chandeliers are adorable, but check out this modern chevron lamp:

Modern chevron lamp for your locker! Magnetic! LLZ by Lockerlookz

3. Two words: Locker carpets.

Locker carpets! So cute! Coordinating locker decorations from Lockerlookz

Nothing says luxury locker like a swag carpet!

4. Mirrors, Whiteboards, and Pencil Holders — all magnetic!

Magnetic mirror, white board, decorations, and pencil holders - so easy to decorate your locker with Lockerlookz

Oh, and other cute embellishments like the big flower magnet.

Lockerlookz - so cute, and easy way to decorate your locker

We had a blast decorating our lockers. My eight year-old son even got into it and emphatically told me he would love to decorate his locker with this stuff.

Lockerlookz- easy way to decorate your locker

His color scheme was green and black! And he insisted on a chandelier too.

Lockerlookz - easy way to decorate your locker

LLZ by Locker Lookz is the original brand of high fashion locker decorations with the highest quality products – I was so impressed by how awesome the collection is. We had a ton of fun with this product. Everything was so cute and well-designed, and the kids loved it. I want to have a locker again so I can decorate it!

You can try this system for yourself virtually at the LLZ by LockerLookz Design Your Own Locker site (and win a prize! See below for details):

Virtually design your own locker

Instagram Contest: Win a $250 Gift Card!

Instagram contest - create a dream locker and post it on instagram with #LLGirlz hashtag and tag @lockerlookz

If you are interested in trying out these products, you can enter the Locker Lookz Instagram contest and win a grand prize of a $250 Visa gift card for a back to school shopping spree. OR you can win a secondary prize: 1 winner each week will receive their full locker design (8 total winners)!

How to Enter:

Lockerlookz instagram contest - win $250!

1. Follow LockerLookz on Instagram
2. Go to & create your dream locker design using the “Design your Own Locker” feature
3. Post your locker design on Instagram using hashtag #LLgirlz and tag @LockerLookz!

The contest starts July 5th and ends August 29th. Official contest rules here.

To learn more about LockerLookz, follow them here:

LLZ by Lockerlookz - such a cute and easy way to decorate your locker. I love that chandelier!

Disclosure: this post is sponsored by Darice and the Blueprint Social. All opinions are 100% mine.