10 DIY Wall Art Ideas

I love the way a new piece of wall art can change the feel of a whole room. These are some simple wall art ideas that you can make on the cheap without looking like they were made on the cheap. That can be our little secret.

1. Mixed Media Prints – Print out some nice line art, and use spray inks to add color and depth.

2. Embroidery Hoop Wall Art – Create graphic wall art with an embroidery art and fabric. No sewing required!

3. Junk Mail Wall Art – Junk mail plus paper punches turns out pretty graphic wall art.

4. Wall Flower – Use scrap or scrapbook paper to make a big, graphic piece of flower art.

5. String Art – Grab a scrap piece of plywood and turn it into super cute typographic wall art.

6. Supergraphics – Supergraphics are 70s-style oversized shapes in vibrant colors, and they’re often painted right on the wall. Check out this $13 supergraphic art!

7. Origami Art – Fold multi-colored origami paper into pretty 3D wall art.

8. Bubbles – Tissue paper is the perfect medium for creating delicate bubble wall art.

9. Graphic Circles – I love the vibrant colors and texture of this geometric wall art!

10. Wooden Star Sign – Are you good with power tools? This rustic Pottery Barn knock-off is sweet and minimalist.