10 Ways to Make Your Own Wallet

Need a new wallet? I always have a hard time buying new wallets, because I feel like by the time I pay for the wallet, I have no money left to go inside of it. Solve that little problem by making your own!

1. Arizona Wallet – This colorful wallet has pockets for everything, and you can download a free pattern to make your own.

2. Phone Wallet – How cute is this wallet plus phone case?

3. Credit Card Wallet – Traveling light? Keep just your cards and ID in this slim DIY wallet.

4. MEGA WALLET – This is sort of the opposite of the credit card wallet above. It holds up to 38 cards!

5. Carton Wallet – Upcycle an old juice carton into an accordion wallet.

6. Travel Wallet – This handy wallet has a space for the usual wallety things plus your passport.

7. Side-by-Side Wallet – Do you want to get to your coins and bills quickly without having to open and close flaps? This wallet is designed just for folks who use lots of coins!

8. Cereal Box Wallet – This would make a cute first wallet for a child. The tute comes with a free downloadable template to make cutting simple.

9. Zipper Pouch – Keep it simple and secure with this zipper wallet tutorial.

10. Snappy Coin Pouch – Sometimes you want your coins separate from your wallet, because they can be heavy on their own. This little pouch is just the ticket!