Make a Fruit Bouquet

This post is sponsored by Dollar Tree. All opinions are my own.

Have you ever been in this situation? You want to host a kid’s party.  But the parents aren’t crazy about serving loads of sugar in the form of cake, cookies and other typical party treats.

No cake. No candy. No ice cream. No cookies. No ICE CREAM. Uh, now what?

I got help with this exact dilemma with Dollar Tree’s Value Seekers Club. This club offers free recipes and project ideas incorporating products from your favorite place and mine – Dollar Tree. Membership is free and you get new ideas every month. The projects are printable, so you can take them to the store when you shop. And you can adapt the projects to serve your own purposes.

If you aren’t already convinced, Dollar Store Crafts is giving away a $50 Dollar Tree gift card to one of our readers. You can enter simply by signing up for the Value Seeker’s Club.

Through the Value Seekers Club, I came across a project idea for using toothpicks to make food more interesting to kids. The idea is to cut up sandwich items or other treats into little squares and make kabobs out of them. Simple yet brilliant.

So I started with this –  a luscious bowl of fruit that is lovely yet does not exactly scream “Fun!”

fruit 2

And a box of these – a zillion toothpicks for a dollar.

fruit 3

And elevated my fruit into party food.

fruit 4

I used a small vase I had on hand. If you don’t have one, Dollar Tree has summery plastic goblets and tumblers available now. Or you can always use a trusty glass goblet.

fruit 5jpg

You can use any fruit. But for a similar bouquet, you’ll need one strawberry,  several cherries and grapes (or similar small fruit) and one round fruit like an orange or apple cut into segments.

fruit 3.5

Use a big chunk of watermelon as your “floral foam.”  Push it down into the glass or vase. Then spear fruit onto the toothpicks. Arrange everything symmetrically.

fruit 6

And now you have a party. Just don’t mention it’s healthy and nobody will know.

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