Shark Flip Flop Sculpture Wall Art -

This Shark Flip Flop Sculpture Wall Art project was a happy accident that I came up with when I was making my Shark Bitten Flip-Flop Wreath. As I trimmed the shark bites, I noticed that when turned on its side, a flip-flop kind of resembles a shark. I had one flip-flop left over from my wreath project, so I tried, and my shark sculpture idea worked! This craft is easy and cheap, and makes a surprisingly cute nautical decoration for your pool, bathroom, or kids’ room.

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Project Materials:

  • One flip-flop, $.50
  • Scissors, hot glue, and a marker
  • A piece of twine or ribbon for hanging, on hand

Total cost: $.50

Shark Flip-Flop Sculpture Wall art -

1. Draw a shark shape on your flip flop with a marker. I started by making a sharp C shape for the tail, then working my way around the flip flop. If you aren’t confident in your drawing skills, trace the flip flop onto a piece of paper and make a template that way, then trace it onto the shoe. Don’t worry about drawing the fin — we’ll add that next.

Shark Flip-Flop Sculpture Wall art -

2. Cut along traced lines to create the shark shape. Be sure to cut away any telltale marker lines!

Shark Flip-Flop Sculpture Wall art -

3. Look through your trimmed pieces for a good shark fin piece. Trim if necessary. I found one that worked perfectly.

Shark Flip-Flop Sculpture Wall art -

4. Hot glue fin onto sculpture. Add a lower fin and any other details, if desired.

5. Draw an eye on with a permanent marker.

6. Add a loop of twine or ribbon to the back of the sculpture for hanging.

Shark Flip Flop Wall Sculpture Wall Art -

I think it turned out super cute for a crazy idea!

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