Beware: Shark Infested Waters Flip-Flop Wreath -

Crafty Shark Week, everybody! Make a cute poolside sign that says “Beware: Shark Infested Waters” and is made out of dollar store flip-flops that look like they’ve survived a shark attack! This wreath would be cute for a kids’ bathroom or nautical-themed bedroom too.

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I was inspired to make this shark-bitten flip-flop wreath by a Shark Party Idea post I saw on Chickabug (who found it on Pinterest, and nobody can find the original source).  My version is quite a bit different, but here’s the very cute inspiration wreath (which looks like it was made with dollar store flip-flops, so if you are the person who created this wreath, please speak up and I’d be happy to give you credit!):

Flip Flop Shark-Bitten Wreath

Here’s my version of the shark-bitten wreath, and instructions for making it:

Shark infested waters flip-flop wreath -

Project Materials:

  • Floral foam wreath form, $1
  • 2 pairs of flip-flops: $2
  • A piece of glitter craft foam, $.12 (From a pack of 8)
  • A piece of recycled cardboard, on hand
  • Ribbon, on hand
  • Marker and hot glue

Total cost: $3.12

About the supplies: If you want, you can skip the floral foam wreath, as it doesn’t really show. You can mount the flip flops on a piece of cardboard, or it would be cute to use a piece of recycled wood if you are handy like that. I used three flip-flops (so, two pairs), but the middle flip-flop doesn’t even show, so you could get away with just using a single pair of flip-flops too. Save yourself $2 this way!

Beware: Shark Infested Waters Flip-Flop Wreath -

1. Wrap wreath with ribbon or torn fabric, securing with hot glue. (Skip this step if you aren’t using a foam wreath form).

2. With sturdy scissors, cut shark bite marks into flip-flops. Glue flip flops onto wreath (or background piece) with hot glue.

3. Write “Beware: Shark Infested Waters” on a piece of recycled cardboard or white card stock. Glue on glitter craft foam. Glue signs onto flip-flops.

Tip: I cut the straps off of the middle flip-flop to fit the sign easily onto the wreath.

Beware: Shark Infested Waters Flip-Flop Wreath -

4. Be sure to trim any bite marks into the sign as well!

5. Add a loop to the back of the wreath for hanging.

Beware: Shark Infested Waters Flip-Flop Wreath -

Crafty Shark Week!

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