10 Sweater Crafts for Fall

Now that summer is almost over, are you cleaning out your closet? Torn or ill-fitting sweaters may have no place in your wardrobe as-is, but there are lots of fun ways that you can craft with them. Think of those old sweaters as free yarn that you don’t even have to knit or crochet.

1. Mini Skirt – Turn an old sweater into a trendy mini skirt with or without using a serger.

2. Elbow Pad Sweater – Do the elbows on your sweater always wear out first? Patch them up to make your favorite cardigan or sweater last another season.

3. Infinity Scarf – Did your favorite sweater end up in the dryer? D’oh! Don’t think of it as shrunken. Think of it as felted, and use it to make a cute infinity scarf.

4. Sweater Pillows – What a cozy addition to your sofa! These are simple to make and to customize.

5. Smittens – Transform an old sweater into a pair of super cute mittens. Just trace, cut, and sew!

6. Sweater Beanie – Whip up a hat to match those smittens, why not?

7. Asymmetrical Wrap – How did this ill-fitting sweater vest even end up on a hanger? Cut it up and turn it into a cozy wrap.

8. Ruffled Hem Sweater – This is such a fun way to make a too-small sweater wearable and even cuter than when you started.

9. Cat Sweater – Does your favorite sweater have a wine or coffee stain on the front? Put a cat on it!

10. Lace Sleeve Sweater – This tutorial calls for a sweatshirt, but it would work just as well with a tight knit sweater.