10 Fall Leaf Crafts

Fall leaf crafts aren’t just for kids! Sure, pressing leaves and using them for painting is fun, but why should kiddos get all of the leafy fall goodness? Your kids can certainly help with some of these projects, but I scoured Pinterest for leaf crafts that don’t look kid-made when they’re done.

1. Gold Brooches – Have you noticed that Zach Posen has been rocking the brooches on Runway this season? Make your own sassy brooch on the cheap.

2. Maple Leaf Coasters – Serve up frosty fall cocktails on simple, seasonal leaf coasters.

3. Leaf Garland – String up these pretty paper leaves over your mantle for some fall decor in a snap.

4. Leaf Bowl – Sure, kids can help with this fall leaf craft, but the finished product doesn’t look kid-made at all.

5. Autumn Leaf Bouquet – Collect fallen maple leaves and turn them into beautiful roses.

6. Leaf Place Cards – What a sweet touch for the Thanksgiving table! Paint pens plus fall leaves make simple little personalized place cards.

7. Hammered Leaf Prints – Turn fall leaves into gorgeous DIY wall art!

8. Pressed Leaf Garland – Collect and press your fall leaves, then use them to make pretty garland with old book pages. Rebecca at Simple as That does this with her kids, but the completed garland totally finished.

9. Leaf Relief – This is another kid project that has a grownup-made look. Cassie does this with her kid and her grownup art classes.

10. Leaf Stepping Stones – What a pretty addition to a fall garden! Pour your own custom cement stepping stones for much less than buying garden center stones.