10 Pumpkin Crafts for Fall

Fix yourself a pumpkin spice latte, put on your coziest sweater, and try some of these fun pumpkin crafts. This list is a mix of pumpkin crafts for kids and for adults, so there’s something for everyone.

1. 3D Pumpkins – Domestically Blissful shares a free template for making these cute little paper pumpkins.

2. Sweater Sleeve Pumpkins – Need a no-sew pumpkin that you can make using all stash materials? The Country Chic Cottage has the pumpkin craft for you!

3. Wine Cork Pumpkin –┬áCheryl of That’s What Che Said shared how she turned 34 wine corks into a cute upcycled pumpkin decoration. Check out her guest tute over at A Little Tipsy.

4. Pumpkin Face Pillow – Eighteen25 drafted these very cute Halloween pillows. In addition to the pumpkin, there’s a ghost, a cat, and a Frankenstein monster!

5. Carved Pixie Dust Pumpkin – Of course, you can also get crafty with real, live pumpkins. Check out this awesome Tinkerbell pumpkin with shiny pixie dust at Instructables!

6. Pumpkin Stamp – Turn an old toilet paper roll into a pumpkin stamp. I love how Ashley at Make It Love It combines stamping with the natural texture of collected leaves.

7. Quilled Pumpkin – One Creative Mommy uses a simple paper rolling technique to make pretty textured pumpkin art.

8. Drippy Pumpkin – The look of melted crayons is so perfect for Halloween, and Budget Savvy Diva uses it beautifully in this no-carve pumpkin craft.

9. Gratitude Pumpkins – What a sweet Thanksgiving idea! Write things that you’re thankful for on strips of orange paper for these 3D table decorations by The Moffatt Girls.

10. POMkin – OK, so Domestic Fluff calls these pumpkin pom poms, but I couldn’t resist! What a cute pumpkin craft to bust your yarn stash this fall!