10 Shrinky Dinks That Will Make You Rethink Shrinky Dinks

When you picture Shrinky Dinks, do you remember the cheesy kid crafts that you did in the 80s? Shrinky Dink crafts have come a long way, baby! Check out these totally modern Shrinky Dink ideas!

1. State Necklace – Make a cut pendant to show off your state or hometown pride.

2. Zentangle Keychain – Zentangle is basically sophisticated doodling, and it looks so beautiful and intricate when you shrink it down in this project!

3. Chip Bag Shrinky Dinks – OK, so this isn’t an official shrinky dink but it is SO COOL! Did you know that chip bags will shrink in the oven? Neither did I!

4. Silhouette Pendant – I am in love with this idea. Make a silhouette Shrinky Dink pendant by tracing a photo that’s on your smartphone.

5. Superhero Rings – Wham! Pow! Shrinky Dink powers, activate!

6. Shrinky Rings – Make actual rings from shrinky dinks! There is a teensy bit of math involved, but I believe in you!

7. Shrinky Dinks from #6 Plastic – Dig up some plastic takeout containers from the recycle bin and use them to make upcycled Shrinky Dinks!

8. Girl on a Swing Necklace – You do need some sketching skills to make this necklace, but you could also use your own unique design for this Shrinky Dink pendant idea.

9. Tiny, Tiny Photos – Oh my gosh, I can think of 1000 uses for miniature versions of my favorite photos!

10. Tiny, Tiny Mobile – What is it about tiny things? This mini umbrella mobile is just delightful!