10 DIY Recycled Christmas Ornaments

Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s make some Christmas ornaments.

I know, maybe it feels a bit sudden to talk Christmas ornaments, but if you’re planning a handmade holiday, starting sooner is the ticket to less stress. That means more time to enjoy making Christmas ornaments, decorations, and gifts by hand. These recycled Christmas ornaments are budget-friendly and so, so cute.

1. Fabric Scrap Pom Poms – Scrappy pom poms are a great stashbuster, and miniature poms look so cute on a Christmas tree.

2. Paper Crane – Turn junk mail envelopes into lucky paper cranes for your Christmas tree.

3. Paper Tube Flowers – Old toilet paper rolls are perfect for making delicate flower petals. Pair them up with a vintage button, and you’re in business.

4. Scrap Ribbon Trees – Hang a tiny, upcycled tree on your big tree. This is a fun upcycled Christmas ornament that you can make with kids. Collect sticks together, and work together to tie on the ribbon scraps.

5. CD Mosaic Ornaments [see the video above!] – Instead of throwing away old CDs once you digitize them, turn them into pretty mosaic ornaments.

6. Sheet Music Mini Wreath – This is another fun origami ornament idea. Turn old sheet music (or any other reclaimed paper) into mini wreaths for your tree.

7. Heart House – Don’t put away those old greeting cards yet! Turn a few into these pretty little 3D heart houses.

8. Woven Cookie Stars – Pull out the embroidery thread and cut up a cardboard box to make these ornaments. Your kids will love helping you with the wrapping.

9. Light Bulb Snowmen – Are you ditching your inefficient incandescent bulbs for LEDs? Save those old light bulbs and turn them into sweet snowman ornaments.

10. Holiday Card Ornaments – Do you have a stash of last year’s holiday cards? Pull them out and make these cool glitter spheres!