Though they can sometimes be impractical, I have always loved decorative towels.  My grandma always called them “guest towels”, which I never found to be a very good name because when we came to her house as guests we weren’t allowed to use them – they would be on the rack in front of plain towels, and we were to dry our hands on those, or else we got in trouble.  Now that I am older I have come to appreciate decorative touches, and this pom pom had towel by Jacy at DIY Candy is exactly the kind of fun-and-funky project that my entire decor scheme reflects.  It’s super easy, and you can probably get several towels out of a single package of pom poms, so it’s a great idea if you’re looking for something to make in multiples to give as gifts!  [how to make a pom pom hand towel]

Project estimate:

  • Hand towel, $1 and up
  • Pom poms, on hand or $1 and up
  • Needle and thread, on hand

Total:  $1 and up