This festive fall garland would look phenomenal swagged across a fall mantle or over a doorway.  And it's perfect to decorate your house for Thanksgiving dinner!

This festive fall garland would look phenomenal swagged across a fall mantle or over a doorway.  And it’s perfect to decorate your house for Thanksgiving dinner!

Our DSC community moderator from our crafty Facebook group, Terrie, is here with us again today to share this gorgeous fall garland!  When she originally shared it with the group, we all gave it lots of oooohs and aaaaahs, so we are very happy that she provided us with directions!

Project estimate:

  • Raffia, about $2.50
  • Assorted gourds and pumpkin, $1.25
  • Fall leaf garland w/berries, $1.00
  • Hydrangea bush (less than 1/4 used), about $0.50
  • Pine cones, free
  • Wired ribbon, $1.00
  • Hot glue, on hand

Total:  about $6.25 and up

Open the packages of raffia.  They are tied in the center …

Fall Garland

… so untie them and attach them in the middle.  Use a pipe cleaner to secure the two lengths together…

Fall Garland

and attach it to a stationary object. As you can see, I used a chair back.

Fall Garland

Braid each side and tie the ends with an extra piece of raffia so that you have something that looks like the picture below:

Fall Garland

Remove the pipe cleaner.

Fall Garland

I used wired ribbon because it’s easier to control.  Start at one end. Leave as much as you want to hang with the raffia, and tie it down with an extra piece of raffia. I did this twice more, then the center, then did the other half.

Fall Garland

With another piece of ribbon, tie a “shoestring bow” and cut the tails as long or as short as you like.

Now, that was the hard part!  The rest is easy!  Work in clusters where you tied down the raffia and in the center.

Hot glue your fall leaves to the underside of the garland, pretty side up.  (Put the glue on the top of the leaf).

Fall Garland

Add gourds, pumpkins, pine cones, acorn, nuts, berries, flowers, whatever you want and make it as full as you like.

I found a light green Hydrangea bush and used them as my flowers. Sunflowers would look great, too.  If you’re using nuts, acorns or pine or spruce cones bake them at 175F for one hour to kill and critters.

Fall Garlad

I made mine a little larger in the center but you can make it symmetrical, you’re the designer! :)