10 Modern DIY Menorahs

Hanukkah starts next week! Are you planning to dust off the old menorah or buy a new one? What if this year you got rid of that gaudy, fake gold monstrosity and replaced it with some handmade goodness? We’ve rounded up a few modern takes on the traditional menorah. Which one is your favorite?

1. Fallen Branch Menorah – A a little paint, a little drilling, and you’ve got yourself a pretty, minimalist menorah!

2. Color Blocked Menorah – Unfinished wooden candle holders are the secret to making this fresh take on a traditional menorah.

3. Salt Shaker Menorah – Hit the thrift for old salt shakers and turn them into a very cute menorah.

4. Hardware Store Menorah – Copper plumbing pieces make a pretty cool-looking menorah!

5. Glitter Rhino – Turn mini plastic animals into a glittery menorah.

6. Baby Food Jar Menorah – You could really use any mix of tiny glass jars to make this pretty DIY menorah.

7. Alternate Baby Food Jar Menorah – This spin on the glass jar menorah uses the baby food jars as votive holders.

8. Travel Menorah – Are you traveling for the holiday? Pack your menorah to go!

9. Alphabet Block Menorah – This is a clever modular menorah that plays on two of the spellings for Hanukkah. Or is it Chanukah?

10. Lego Menorahs – There are so many cute, flameless menorahs that you can make with Legos!