10 Glitter Crafts for Grownups

Back when I had a crafty biz, I chose the name Glue and Glitter. It was a nod to my crafty roots and those hoakey glitter paintings that you’d do as a kid. When I stopped selling my crafts, I kept the name, because it just brings up so many good, nostalgic feelings for me. I love how glitter looks in kid craft projects, but glitter doesn’t have to be just for kid crafts! Here are 10 grown-up ways to get your glitter on.

1. Glitter Watch – Make a Kate Spade-inspired glitter watch with chunky glitter and lots of glue.

2. Glitter Mason Jars – Sparkly centerpieces are lovely on the holiday table, and they’re simple to make with just glitter, Mod Podge and masking tape.

3. Glitter Shades – Turn a boring pair of sunglasses into something festive.

4. Glitter Dipped Candles – Spice up a boring glass votive holder with the power of glitter!

5. Glitter Shoes – Turn plain pumps into fashion-forward shoes that sparkle.

6. Glitter Beauty Supplies – Why would your brush your hair or apply makeup with tools that *aren’t* coated in glitter?

7. Glitter Table – Make a glitter-encrusted table that will stand up to everyday use.

8. Glitter-Dipped Mugs – These sparkly mugs would make a great holiday gift, and they’re dishwasher safe, too!

9. Disco Lantern – This is billed as a Halloween craft, but you can make this a year-round piece of glitter home decor using glitter that coordinates with your home!

10. Glitter Tights – You have to work quickly to stick glitter to tights without sticking the tights to themselves, but the results are so worth it!