10 Homemade Thank You Cards

Merry Christmas! Now that the gifts are unwrapped, let’s make some thank you cards!

1. Hand-Stitched Note Cards – Turn blank note cards into personalized thank you cards with this simple stitching technique from Bombshell Bling.

2. Metallic Cards – Grab some metallic Sharpies and try It’s Always Autumn’s ideas for making DIY stencils for handmade thank you cards.

3. Gilded Merci Cards – Camille Styles used a stamp for her gold cards, but you could also hand-write “Merci” to make this even more budget-friendly.

4. Donut Thank You Tags – If you got a super special gift that needs a super special thank you, go beyond a card. Make Bake Celebrate shares a donut recipe and a free printable thank you tag to go with. You can veganize that recipe with egg replacer and vegan margarine!

5. Kid Thank Yous – Your kids can get in on the thank you card action, too! Roots Down Low has lots of ideas. My favorite is the rainbow thumbprint caterpillar!

6. Confetti Card – All of those little circles! These confetti cards from GCD Studios would be a great card to make with paper scraps.

7. Washi Bunting Card – These mini bunting cards from Decorator’s Notebook are super cute and simple to make.

8. Little Notes – Little Birdie Secrets has another good stash-buster: stitched mini heart notecards.

9. Pop Up Card – Grab the free download and make homemade pop up thank you cards, courtesy of Under a Cherry Tree.

10. Washi Words – OK, so this isn’t a card tutorial, but all that you need are blank cards and imagination once you’ve transfered custom text onto washi tape like some kind of magician! Or like A Girl and a Glue Gun. Same thing, it turns out.