cork angel ornaments

I’m always holding on to odds and ends like corks, bottle caps, lids, and other items in the event that I can use them someday.  For this project, I decided to pull out various bits and pieces that I’ve been collecting or that are left over from other projects to make some unique, recycled angel ornaments.  I used styrofoam balls from Dollar Tree for the heads, but you could use other found items (like an acorn!) to make the ornaments completely from found items.  Dig through your junk drawer and see what you can create!

diy cork angel ornaments

Project Estimate:

  • Corks – on hand
  • Bottle Caps – on hand
  • Paint and glitter – on hand
  • Styrofoam balls – $1
  • Burlap and wire  – on hand
  • Hot glue gun – on hand

Total:  $1 and up


Step one:  Dip the styrofoam balls in glue, then cover them with  glitter.

angel head

Step two:  Make the wings.  For the wire, fold each end into the center and twist together.  For the burlap, fold each end into the center and hot glue in place.

vine wingsburlap wings

Step three:  Assemble the angels by gluing the cork onto the bottle cap, the ball onto the top, and the wings onto the back.

diy cork angels

There are lots of ways to vary the angels.  I decided to paint one of my corks and bottle caps white, to create an all white angel.  I added glitter to one of the corks so it would sparkle a bit.  I even varied one of the angels by adding an acorn instead of the styrofoam ball, to create a piece that was completely recycled!  You could make your own varieties of angel ornaments with different colors of paint, different fabrics, and adding other found items to the corks to make them as unique as you are! Have fun crafting and creating!

cork angels