10 Sock Crafts

Do you ever end up with a single sock that’s lost its mate? Somehow this happens to me all the time. Where do they go? I hope they are making new sock friends, wherever they are. My mom always called the lonely socks that come out of the dryer “socks without partners,” and when I was a kid they ended up in our dress up box or as sock puppets for mom’s class. Here are more 10 fun sock crafts for your own socks without partners.

1. Make an Elsa Doll – Delight the Frozen-obsessed kid in your life with a homemade Elsa doll!

2. Coffee or Beer Cozy – I’m always the most bummed when my lost sock is one of my faves. This coffee or beer cozy is the perfect use for a cool sock that lost its mate.

3. Sock Vases – This is another fun sock craft that really showcases a cool, lonely sock.

4. Pin Cushion – Tired of your old tomato pin cushion? I love this cute little sock monster alternative.

5. Sock Snake – This no-sew sock craft would be a cute gift for your favorite kid, or you can nestle it under a drafty door to save on heating by keeping cold air out.

6. Sock Bunny – These no-sew sock bunnies are such a cute Easter craft!

7. Tie Dye Them – Got two kind of similar socks? Tie dye them, and no one will know that they’re from two different pairs.

8. Water Bottle Sock Animals – Make your reusable bottle so, so cute!

9. Make a Socktopus – Raid your ribbon stash and turn some old socks into a family of socktopi!

10. Sock Ornaments – How cozy are these cuddled glass ornaments? You could really do this with any ball ornament. Like maybe that ugly one you got from your mom’s second cousin that you can’t bring yourself to just donate?