10 Valentine's Day Teacher Gifts that Teachers Actually Want

Instead of spending money on Valentine’s Day teacher gifts that are just going to get regifted, give your kid’s awesome teachers something they will love and keep!

When I started researching Valentine’s Day teacher gift ideas, I came across a lot of really odd ideas. Things that I couldn’t see a teacher really getting jazzed about. I almost scrapped this list all together, but instead I asked some actual teachers to tell me their favorite Valentine’s Day teacher gifts. The list below comes courtesy of my mom and my mother-in-law, Lynn.

Before we get to the list, I wanted to mention something that both mom and Lynn mentioned independently. They are not crazy about beauty gifts like lotions and bath salts. My sister is super allergic to lavender, so my mom doesn’t use anything with lavender in it, for example. You never know what reaction folks will have to scents, even essential oils. I would totally have put a homemade lotion and a bath salts recipe in this list without their input, so I thought I’d share why those iconic gifts aren’t on the list.

  1. Coffee Gift Cards – Teachers get up early. They need coffee. If they don’t need coffee, they need a fancy tea drink. You can’t lose with a coffee gift card, and Jolly Mom has a free printable to make it look extra special.
  2. Personalized Mug – Because your teacher needs something to put all of that coffee in. My mother-in-law got a really cute personalized mug for Christmas, and you can make your own with this simple tute!
  3. DIY Travel Mug – Seriously, teachers and their coffee!
  4. Printed Hand Towel – Stick with neutral colors that would go with any kitchen unless you know that your teacher is into a specific color.
  5. Cute Homemade Cocktail Napkins – Same as the hand towel: keep your fabric neutral unless you know what your teachers like.
  6. Handmade Bookmark – Make a cute bookmark and include a gift card to your local bookstore.
  7. Wine Charms – Not all teachers are into wine, but wine charms are nice for company, even if your teacher is a teetotaler.
  8. Movie Tickets – Grab this free printable to make a pair of movie tickets into a cute teacher gift.
  9. Gift Cards – My mom says almost any gift card is most welcome. Some of her suggestions were gift cards to Target, a nearby gas station, or a local grocery store. Stick one into this free printable gift card holder, and you’re good to go.
  10. Cookie or Brownie Mix – Sweet treats are a Valentine’s Day staple, and a mix is something your teachers can pull out and make whenever they want.