bobcat in a box

This was just too interesting of an idea not to give it a try, so Heather and I are both trying out a fun new subscription mail service called Bobcat in a Box.  Based on an XKCD comic strip, Bobcat in a Box is a bot that finds items on eBay and other ecommerce sites that cost $1 or less with free shipping, and sends you surprise packages in the mail.  You can choose to get completely random packages, or you can provide a list of keywords for the bot to use when it is searching for items to buy.  We both chose craft-related keywords, hoping to get some interesting supplies that we could use to make various projects.

We have also been documenting our Bobcat in a Box adventures on our YouTube channels!  So far we’ve both received some pretty neat stuff, including lots of beads and other little embellishments.  Want to see what we’ve gotten?

Watch all of Heather’s Bobcat in a Box videos:

Watch all of Rhonda’s Bobcat in a Box videos:

Stay tuned for lots more Bobcat in a Box fun to come!